November 5, 2019 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES

5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances You Need

Must Have Kitchen Appliances - thor kitchen

Want to create a beautiful kitchen you love? The best place to start is by making sure you have the right kitchen appliances in place.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at six must have kitchen appliances.

5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

They say that the kitchen is the heart of a home. And, in many ways, it is true. After all, a heart is what keeps your blood pumping and your body functioning. When it comes to the kitchen in your home, this is where you and your family will receive nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.

These are all the reasons why you want your kitchen to look good. Because when it looks good, it feels good. And, since you and your loved ones spend so much time here, it ought to feel downright delightful, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, it will – with these 5 must have kitchen appliances.

1. The Dual Fuel Double Oven Range

Imagine being able to do it all. You know, no oven too small or stove to full. With this Thor Kitchen 48-inch professional dual fuel range (model number HRD4803U), you will always have space to get your busiest cooking done. And, done right. Why? Well, you can thank the dual fuel for that.

See, any chef will tell you that gas stoves are the best for cooking. Not only does the heat source kick on immediately, but it shuts off when you want it to. You can have a much better grip on your cooking when gas is involved. But, bakers, they prefer electric ovens. These provide the best, even heat from anywhere in the oven, ensuring perfection every time you bake.

And, that is why a range was designed allowing the best of both worlds.

Of course, there are some more benefits, too, such as:

  • Continuous cast-iron heavy-duty grate.
  • Porcelain stove drip pan and inside of the oven for easy cleaning.
  • Not one, but two ovens – allowing you plenty of cooking space at multiple temperatures.
  • Commercial convection fan to ensure even baking.
  • Blue LED lights behind the control knobs for an elegant look.
  • Stovetop with 6-burners and a griddle.

2. The Under Cabinet Range Hood

If you have a range, then you need a range hood. There are so many toxins that get released into the air when you cook, not to mention food particles and steam. A range hood fights this, leaving you with nothing by clean air to breathe.

Thor Kitchen’s model number HRH4805U is 48-inch stainless steel under cabinet range hood fits perfectly above the range, creating the look of one uniform appliances. It does a wonderful job of removing the unfiltered air and returning clean, breathable, healthy air. In addition, it keeps your kitchen cooler by removing unwanted heat and steam. It provides:

  • 3-speed fan touch control buttons
  • Commercial baffle filters
  • 15 minutes pre-programmed auto shut-off

3. A Top Control Dishwasher

Everyone needs a dishwasher, whether you believe it or not. These appliances are wonderful for getting dishes and cookware clean and sanitary. However, they also are beneficial for reducing water usage – which is important for conservation efforts. Of course, using less water saves money over time, too.

Having a dishwasher that offers beneficial features make it a joy to have in the kitchen. For example, Thor Kitchen’s model number HDW2401SS 24-inch stainless steel dishwasher offers some great perks. These include:

  • Delayed start function, allowing you to run the dishwasher at the most convenient time within the next 24 hours.
  • Multiple filter system
  • 45 dB noise level for a quiet, uninterrupted wash cycle.
  • Smart Wash System with 2 spray arms and a jet sprayer to get your dishes perfectly clean every time.
  • Removable utensil basket for convenience.

4. The French Door Refrigerator

Imagine having a refrigerator that opened up wide enough to easily see all areas. This is what you will find with Thor Kitchen’s model number HRF3603F 4-door refrigerator and freezer. Unlike other refrigerators, this one is designed, as stated, with 4-doors – no drawers. This open ability makes it easy to keep organized.

This 36-inch refrigerator offers the following features:

  • LED lighting for energy efficiency and bright viewing capabilities.
  • Automatic ice maker.
  • Conveniently adjustable shelves.
  • Counter-depth and recessed handles for sleek kitchen flow.
  • Drawers to maintain organization.

5. The Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Are you a wine drinker? Do you want a trendy way to store your beverages? Thor Kitchen’s model number HWC2408U dual zone wine cooler can provide just want you are looking for. This addition to your kitchen in stainless steel has space for 133 wine bottles. Of course, if you are using it for other types of beverages that number may vary.

This wine cooler can be added to your kitchen or anywhere in your home. It offers two refrigerated sections so you can cool your whites and reds to just the perfect temperature. It uses blue and white LED lights for energy efficiency. And, at 45db, you will never hear it running.


Your kitchen is an important part of your home. Therefore, it should be decked out in the finest appliances on the market.

After all, if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, then there is a good chance your appliances will get a lot of use. So look for those that offer wonderful features, value, with a durable stainless steel finish to transform your space.

We’ve listed 6 here that every kitchen should have – including yours.