October 1, 2019 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES

Black Kitchen Appliances Now Available in Stainless Steel

black kitchen appliances in stainless steel

Stainless steel kitchen appliances match every type of kitchen decor, which is part of the reason why they became so popular.

However, if you think darker kitchen appliances look better for your kitchen design, you may want to consider going back to black kitchen appliances now that they’re available in black stainless steel.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the beauty of black kitchen appliances.

Black Kitchen Appliances Now Available in Stainless Steel

There are some trends that come and go – and some you wish you never had to witness. And, then there are those that never disappear. They are the classy, the tried-and-true of trendy, and they are timeless.

Stainless steel is one of those trends. In fact, it is safe to say that it is going on nearly 20-years of being one of the most popular finishes for kitchen appliances, hitting the market running around the Y2K-era. While stainless steel started out to only be in the most luxurious of kitchens, more everyday kitchens can now be blessed with its shine.

Since it is not going anywhere, we can only think to do one thing: add to its perfection. And, how? By creating black stainless steel appliances. That’s right – all the benefits of the finish, but in a new color and without all the shine.

Why We Love Stainless Steel

So, what is it about stainless steel that makes our hearts swell when we see it in the kitchen? Well, first of all, it’s the way it looks. It looks stunning. Stainless steel appliances look as though they cost a fortune – even if they didn’t.

black kitchen appliances

And, oh how it shines. There is a distinct shine that you get from stainless steel – it doesn’t put your eyes out, but instead draws you in.

In addition, these appliances are durable. It does not matter how busy your kitchen can be and how much use your appliances get, stainless steel appliances can handle it. They are strong enough for everyday use while looking as though you never touch them at all!

Here are some other benefits of stainless steel and why we love it:

  • There is no chance of rust or corrosion with stainless steel, as you will find with other types of metal appliances.
  • They are super easy to keep clean – and don’t even require the use of chemicals.
  • Stainless steel is a non-porous material. This means that you can cut down on bacteria and other germs in your kitchen because there is no place for them to hide out on the surface of your appliances.
  • You will find that stainless steel appliances hold their value for years to come, making them a great investment.

The Power of Black

How many times has your mother told you that black goes with anything? You have likely heard this since you were a young child learning to match your clothing. And, here you are – buying kitchen appliances – and confirming that your mother was right – black really does go with anything!

modern kitchen with black stainless steel appliances

Installing black kitchen appliances in your home can change the whole look of your space. It is a color that fits in well at every corner, blending with both dark and light cabinet, flooring, countertops, and so forth. But, think about those regular black appliances you have seen over the years. If you have an image in your head, it probably contains some element of shine and holds a less-than-luxurious look in your book, right?

Now, what if you could combine this black color with all the perks and benefits of stainless steel? The outcome is spectacular.


Combining the Two Together

Shiny black is just, well, not a thing these days. Matte black, on the other hand, is. And when you discover black stainless steel appliances, you will quickly see that these appliances come with a matte finish. It leaves you with a hint of sophistication, elegance, and class. And, it will match nearly any design style.

In addition, you will get all the benefits that come with stainless steel appliances, such as a durable appliance that is easy to clean and maintain as well as a great monetary investment. These appliances will look good in any kitchen.

black kitchen range by thor kitchen

Don’t Miss These Appliances

If you are looking for appliances that will transform your kitchen, consider these black stainless steel appliances from Thor Kitchen.

Model number HRG3618-BS is a 36-inch professional gas range in black stainless steel. It is designed with functionality and durability in mind. So, whether you cook large meals every day or use it only occasionally, it won’t lose its beautiful appearance. Plus, it comes with these great features:

  • A commercial convection fan for even baking throughout the oven.
  • Cast iron, continuous cooking grates that are free from corrosion and rust.
  • Porcelain drip pan on the stove and in the oven for easy cleanup.
  • Blue LED illuminated knobs for elegance.
  • Six burners provide a lot of cooking space.

Model number HRF3602BS is a freestanding, French door refrigerator with recessed handle in black stainless steel. This counter-depth refrigerator brings beauty to your kitchen without disrupting the flow. It feels sleekly within your kitchen, offering no protrusions. And, it comes with some great features that you will surely not want to miss. These include the following:

  • A door alarm, ensuring that you are getting the most energy-efficient experience by not allowing the cold to escape longer than necessary.
  • An LED refrigerator light also provides you energy-efficient lighting while illuminating the inside of the appliance.
  • An automatic ice maker.

This refrigerator provides you with many movable shelves and drawers to help you make the most of your appliance by allowing you to keep it organized. Never lose that ketchup again!

Model number HDW2401BS is a 24-inch black stainless steel dishwasher. Why? Because every great chef deserves clean dishes! This dishwasher comes with a top control system, leaving you with an appliance that is free from visibly bulky knobs and controls. In addition, it also brings you:

  • A convenient delayed-start setting.
  • A multiple filter system.
  • Quiet performance.
  • A smart wash system, getting your dishes as clean as possible.
  • Three spray arms and a jet sprayer, ensuring that all corners of the dishwasher are covered.
  • A removable utensil basket for convenience.
  • And a child safety lock.


Purchasing new appliances for your home is an investment. Therefore, you want to make sure what you purchase can provide you solid value. With all the benefits of black stainless steel, you can rest assured that this investment will serve you well for years to come.