August 9, 2019 | Ranges

A Dual Fuel Double Oven Range Doubles the Possibilities

If you’re looking for the ultimate in kitchen cooking power, consider the benefits of purchasing a dual fuel double oven range.

These pro appliances are capable of providing all the power and space you will need to cook even the most elaborate of meals.

In this article, you will discover what a dual fuel double oven range is as well as the benefits it offers in the kitchen.

Dual Fuel Double Oven Range

If given options, it is only natural to try and choose the best one. So, when it comes to choosing the type of fuel you want to power your range, you have to decide: will it be gas or electric? After doing some research, however, you will quickly learn that both types of fuel have positives and negatives.

This only creates more difficult decision-making for you. You want a gas range so that you can have better control over the temperature. But, you sure would love to have some evenly flowing heat inside your electric oven.

Here’s the good news: You can absolutely have both. With a dual fuel range, you can have all the goodness that each type of fuel brings – hence the name, dual fuel.

Let’s take a closer look at the dual fuel double oven range …

A Gas Stove

Many professional chefs will tell you that when it comes to cooking a delicious meal, the type of fuel that you use matters. And, if we are talking about a stove, you are going to want it to be fueled by gas, either natural or propane.

Time and time again, gas stoves seem to score higher than electric stoves. Because the flame itself is what provides the heat, turning the flame off stops the heat. Compared to an electrically-fueled burner there is no residual heat that will continue to cook your food. In other words, when it’s done, it’s done.

Furthermore, when it comes to heating food quickly, you will find that a gas stove can bring water to a boil much faster than its electric opponent. And, let’s be honest, this fast heating combined with precise temperatures make gas stoves enticing and sought after by those who know what to look for.

An Electric Oven

Believe it or not, things are different when it comes to an oven. If a gas stove is so wonderful, then surely a gas oven would be great, too, right? Not so much.

Professional chefs and bakers alike will quickly tell you that an electric oven is much better at doing its job than one fueled by gas. And, while gas will work just fine in fueling a gas range entirely, for those are seeking perfection, gas ovens don’t often bake evenly. If you don’t carefully monitor your food and turn it throughout the baking time, you may find that a gas oven will have cooked one area of the dish more than another. Or, in making sure it is completely cooked through, you may end up with some areas over-done.

Electric ovens simply cook more evenly. This is especially true of those electric ovens with a convection fan.

The Benefit of Two Ovens

Now that you know you can have your cake and eat it, too, with a dual fuel range, why not add on another oven? Think about it – how many times have you cooked a feast on a holiday or family dinner and had to wait for one entrée or side to finish cooking before you could cook the next? This makes it incredibly hard to have a meal that is all hot at the same time.

A dual fuel double oven range gives you more space to cook and bake. And, it does so without losing anything aesthetically. Well-blended as a professional kitchen appliance, you will find that having two ovens brings you so many new possibilities. For example, cook your dinner and dessert at the same time. Or, you could use the smaller oven when possible for increased energy efficiency. And, lastly, having two ovens means that you will never have to worry about transferring flavors between dishes.

With 6.7 cubic feet of oven baking space, you can surprise everyone you know with just how many delicious meal options you can create with such a large space.

The Perfect Option For Your Kitchen

If you are looking for the best option for your kitchen, then you will want to consider Thor Kitchen’s dual fuel double oven range in stainless steel. More specifically, model number HRD4803U. This professional 48-inch range gives you durability with a shining, beautiful finish that will fit into any type of kitchen design.

This oven comes with six burners, ranging in heat from very low simmer function at 650 BTU all the way to 18,000 BTU. In addition, the stovetop comes with an infrared stainless steel griddle reaching 15,000 BTU. Then, there are two ovens: one is 30-inches with an oven capacity of 4.2 cubic feet, the other is 18-inches with an oven capacity of 2.5 cubic feet.

You will find that it comes with some great features, such as:

  • Porcelain drip pan on the cooktop for easy cleanup
  • Porcelain oven interior which also provides for easy cleaning
  • Thermostatically controlled griddle with dishwasher safe drip pan
  • Heavy-duty continuous cast iron cooking grates that maintain their look despite the amount of use they get
  • Convection oven fan in the 30-inch oven that provides even heating
  • Three (3) halogen oven interior lights
  • Thermostatically controlled electric oven
  • CSA certified metal burner control knobs


Don’t limit your possibilities when it comes to designing your kitchen and choosing your next appliances. By creating space for a 48-inch dual fuel double oven in stainless steel, you will not only brighten your kitchen but you will also find joy in cooking the largest meals for the important people in your life.