October 4, 2019 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES

3 Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

energy efficient kitchen appliances

New technology brings new appliances. And, the better we are getting at taking care of our needs – and our environment. How? By manufacturing appliances that are designed to perform the functions intended while using as little energy as possible.

Taking a more micro approach, it is evident that energy-efficient kitchen appliances can bring personal benefits to the home. Did you know that a large percentage of your utility bill each month comes solely from electric appliances – such as your kitchen appliances? Depending on where you live and how often you use these appliances, this could make your utility bill quite steep.

No matter what reason piques your interest, investing in energy-efficient appliances comes with great reward. And, simply put, we need energy efficiency.

What “Energy Efficient” Means

Energy-efficient means using the least amount of energy possible to complete a task. For instance, an energy-efficient refrigerator would use the least amount of energy that it can while still maintaining the temperatures within the refrigerator to meet your needs.

Changes have been made in manufacturing that may either use water or solar power instead of full energy to run the appliance. Or, it could be equipped with energy-saving lightbulbs to reduce energy use. The idea is to use less energy without compromising the ability of the machine.

Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

We have briefly discussed some of the benefits of energy-efficient kitchen appliances. But, let’s take a deeper look, shall we? Energy-efficient kitchen appliances can:

  • Save energy that can be utilized elsewhere or conserved to benefit the environment.
  • Save your money thanks to the reduction in energy use which, in turn, reduces your utility bill.
  • Save the government money as they spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year on producing energy.
  • Help the environment. To produce energy, we must use our resources, such as coal, natural gas, oil, and water. If we want to protect our environment and be a sustainable country – or world – then we have to be cognizant of our energy use.
  • Allow our country to maintain healthy national security. The fewer resources we use, the less we will have to reach out to other countries.

Those are a lot of benefits, right? All for making the choice to purchase energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

3 Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

If you are ready to move forward with your purchase of energy-efficient appliances, then we’ve got a list of three that you won’t want to miss.

Dual Fuel Range

Model Number HRD3088U is a 30-inch, stainless steel, dual fuel range from Thor Kitchen. This range is designed for professional use and durability. It comes with two types of energy sources – electricity and gas, whether natural or propane.

The increased benefit comes due to this range using the most efficient cooking method for each, the stove and the oven. For example, the stovetop uses gas heat. This is an instant way to get heat to your pan and begin cooking. And, when you turn it off, the heat goes off. The food stops cooking and there are no hot grates left too cool down, warming your kitchen and requiring your cooling system to work harder. As for the oven, you will find that it uses electric heat. Unlike gas ovens, electric ovens provide steady, even heat resulting in even cooking.

But that’s not the only benefit of this dual-fuel range. Here are the rest of the features you’ll love:

  • Four continuous burners made of durable cast iron.
  • Black porcelain under the grates for easy cleaning.
  • An oven with 4.2 cubic feet of cooking space.
  • Blue porcelain interior for style and easy cleaning.
  • Automatic re-ignition safety feature.
  • Blue LED illuminated knobs.
  • Commercial convection fan.

All of this is wrapped up in a shiny, beautiful stainless steel package.


This French door refrigerator by Thor Kitchen, Model Number HRF3602, has four doors and recessed handles. Just looking at this refrigerator upon entering the room, you can tell it is all about simplicity yet sophistication. In fact, there is a place for everything – with the two refrigerator doors, inside storage drawers, and the two freezer drawers.

This refrigerator also has other great features:

  • Six adjustable refrigerator shelves.
  • Two freezer shelves.
  • Automatic ice maker.
  • Door alarm – to ensure energy-efficiency.
  • Counter-depth for a secure, smooth fit.
  • LED lighting in the refrigerator.
  • Adjustable temperature control.

Again, this refrigerator from Thor Kitchen comes in durable and elegant stainless steel.

Range Hood

If you are wanting to add a very energy efficient kitchen appliance to your kitchen, then you will definitely want to consider a range hood. Do you have one? Do you know what they do? These important units can mean the difference between toxins and no toxins  — and more.

During the cooking process, there are a lot of toxins that are released into the air. Some are just heat, steam, and food particles. But, it is also possible for harmful toxins such as carbon monoxide to be released into the air. If you are standing in your kitchen while you cook, you are breathing in this filthy air. What’s more, is that the heat produced by the cooking process is causing your home’s cooling system to work harder to keep up.

Installing a range hood can reduce these problems. It vents out the bad stuff, filtering the dirty air, and returning only the clean, breathable good stuff to you.

Thor Kitchen’s, Model Number HRH3007, is a wall-mounted, stainless steel chimney-style range hood. With LED lighting and a touch panel to function, you are sure to find that this range hood will provide many benefits to your cooking needs – while increasing the energy efficiency of your home.


Energy efficiency is something that we shouldn’t take lightly. It may seem that a small step, such as an LED lightbulb may not make a very big impact. However, one small step by many people can have a significant impact.

Consider taking action and doing your own part by investing in energy-efficient appliances for your kitchen.