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9 Essential Kitchen Appliance Replacement Parts

kitchen appliance replacement parts

As your kitchen appliances wear over time, you may need to order replacement parts to ensure your appliance works properly.

Regularly maintenance should help ensure your appliances works properly for years to come without having to order replacement parts, but it’s always good to have that option available should something fall into disrepair.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most common kitchen appliance replacement parts you may need at some point.

Essential Kitchen Appliance Replacement Parts

When you buy a new car it runs great. It smells like new and runs as it should. But, what happens over time? The more you use your car (or even if you don’t use it often) things begin to require your attention. Battery, belts, sensors, lightbulbs, filters, and more will all need to be replaced in due time to keep your car working as it should.

Failing to replace them means you may be driving an automobile that provides you with less gumption than it should. After all, it needs healthy, working parts to function optimally.

Let’s be honest, your kitchen appliances are no exception. No matter how well you care for them or how gently they are used, you are bound to need a replacement part for your kitchen appliances at one time or another.

And, failing to replace these parts will leave you with an appliance that will give you a less-than-stellar performance.

Here are 9 essential kitchen appliance replacement parts that you will need to keep your appliances running in tip-top shape.

1. Griddle

If you have a range or cooktop that has given you the perks of having a griddle, you will likely not ever want to give it up. Griddles can be used for so much more than pancakes. And, once you get used to using it regularly, not having it will put a damper on your cooking style.

If you find that your griddle is not the new hot surface it once was, perhaps replacing it can give your range a makeover. And, well, it can bring happiness back to your cooking.

2. Telescopic Rack

Do you use your oven a lot? If so, then having a smooth, telescopic oven rack can be incredibly convenient. As you know, not all things are the same size. So to allow your food to bake as it should, you need to be able to move the racks.

Replacing the telescopic rack is simple. And, this ball-bearing, stainless steel oven racks glide smoothly into a full extension.

3. Burner Kit

If you have a range with 4 burners, then you want to be able to use all four burners, right? And, if you have a range with 6 burners, then you want to be able to use all six burners, right? When one burner stops working, many people just move on and use the others, taking the inconvenience – and believing that it is not possible to fix the burner.

But, here is the good news – it is fixable. You can have a fully functioning range top again. All you need to do is purchase a burner kit. Follow the instructions and your range will be back up and running at full capacity in no time.

You bought your range for your burners – so don’t make yourself get by without them.

4. Cooking Grate

No matter how sturdy and strong your cooking grates are, over time – and with heavy use – they will begin to look a bit dull just as with anything you use a lot. By adding a new cooking grate to your range or cooktop, you are giving an entire fresh makeover to your appliance. In fact, you can switch up the look just by changing design. For instance, there is crescent cooking grate, the cooking grate HRG, and the BX grate.

Choose the one that fits your design style and your cooktop. The sturdy, cast iron grate may be just what you are looking for.

5. Electrodes and Ignitors

Sometimes, your burner just won’t light anymore. When this happens, what will you do? Will you just continue to cook using the remaining burners? Or, will you take the necessary steps to purchase the essential replacement parts that will have you back in business?

It is very likely that your range or cooktop is going to require an electrode. If it is not working, this could be the reason. It is a good idea to consult your appliance manual to determine which part you need to purchase and how to install the replacement. Don’t force yourself to play musical chairs with your burners any longer when a simple fix is available.

6. Ignitor

Oven not heating? If your broiler function is working, but your bake function is not – or vice versa – you may need to replace the ignitor. After all, in order for the oven to work, you are going to need to ignite the heat.

Because you need your oven to make things, such as cakes and cupcakes, casseroles, and other delights, you don’t want to have to go without it. Consult your manual and get your ignitor going.

7. LP Conversion Kit

If you have a preference for propane over natural gas, then you should use it. But how? With an LP conversion kit. This kit allows you to switch from using one gas to the other with ease. So, depending on the price of the gas or the availability in your area, know that you are not limited to the range you can buy because the LP conversion kit is available.

8. Safety valve

Being able to have gas appliances in your home is a great addition. But, they come with a risk. After all, gas is dangerous and can cause some serious damage to your home if something goes wrong. Thankfully, your gas appliances come with a safety valve.

In the event that something goes awry, the safety valve shuts the gas down and won’t release until everything is checked.

9. Thermostat

When you have to bake something spectacular for some amazing guests, you need it to turn out right. If your thermostat is not working, though, you will not get the temperature you are seeking – if you get one at all.

Replacing your thermostat can keep your oven working in great shape. Don’t allow yourself to lose out on a great meal because your oven is not working.

10. Conclusion

Your kitchen appliances should function properly for years to come so long as you perform regular maintenance and cleaning. However, if something should break or fall into disrepair for whatever reason, you might need to order one of these nine common kitchen appliance replacement parts.