October 25, 2018 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES

10 Popular Kitchen Appliance Trends (2018)

Kitchen Appliance Trends

It seems that every day something new hits the market that makes its predecessor seem ancient and outdated. The same holds true for kitchen appliances. Sometimes it’s an upgraded cosmetic appearance. Other times it’s the latest cutting-edge magic that the machine can now perform. Whatever the reason, we want it – new and improved.

So, whether you are up for a remodel or you are designing a brand-new kitchen, consider these 10 popular kitchen appliance trends that are sweeping through homes everywhere this year.

1. Black Stainless Steel

In case you have missed it, over the last few years, this color has become quite popular on cars. Not from dealers (yet), but with customized paint jobs. It gives it a unique finish that appliance manufacturers have noticed. And the fact that it won’t show every smudge and fingerprint is an absolute bonus. A matte black finish over stainless steel appliances is a winning combination.

2. Voice-activated Appliances

Don’t feel like reaching for that push button to pre-heat the oven? Well, you no longer have to. Just talk to your appliances and use your voice to make it do what you need it to. Keep in mind, however, that it still won’t prepare your whole meal for you. You will still have to do some work. But, when you are elbow-deep in ingredients, not having to touch your appliance could keep things cleaner and much more sanitary.

3. Minimalist Features

Clean lines with minimal clutter and decorative features are becoming more popular on appliances. This trend brings multi-use controls designed for minimal exposure. And, because they are multi-use, it cuts down on the number of controls needed.

4. Induction Cooking

This type of cooking method is growing in popularity for a few reasons. Induction cooking requires very little heat, so surfaces stay cool – and so do small kitchens. While it may be a long time before induction cooking takes over kitchens – if it ever even does – it is still growing in popularity right now.

5. Appliance Integration

Imagine having a kitchen that looked sleek and blended. Where do the appliance start and the cabinetry end? By integrating your appliances into your kitchen, there is a smooth flow throughout the entire space. The design of the appliances will match the color, look, and any detailed intricacies of the cabinets. It leaves you with an easy flow throughout the kitchen.

6. Under-counter Appliances.

This doesn’t work for every appliance, but there are just some that you know would make your life so much easier if they were tucked out of the way. Perhaps that is why this trend began. Counter space is often hard to come by in most ordinary kitchens, so having an appliance such as a microwave taking up space on the counter can be frustrating. Yet getting rid of a microwave altogether can become an inconvenience.

Therefore, tucking the microwave out of the way can provide you with a space that is both functional and usable without adding any aggravation. The latest trendy idea is to place the microwave within the cabinets, such as at the end of a kitchen island. Here, it can be used easily, and it still allows for the open flow of the kitchen. Newer models of microwaves – microwave drawers – load from the top which makes this design even more functional, and easier for smaller children to use.

7. Colored Appliances

While some people prefer neutral colors on more traditional appliances, others are turning to brightly colored appliances to lighten up the kitchen. Popular colors are red, purple, orange, yellow, and teal. And, most of these colors come on all sorts of appliances – including the refrigerator.

Having colored appliances is not for everyone and could leave you stuck in the same color scheme for years. However, they are neat and add color to any kitchen – and they seem to be quite popular.

8. French Door Ovens

Imagine having an oven that opens with two, side-by-side French doors. No more heavy oven door to pull down! Not only is this look aesthetically pleasing, but it also frees up space in smaller kitchens. These new and trending ovens are popping up in kitchens everywhere, and they can even be installed within the cabinets, freeing up more kitchen space.

9. Retro Appliances

No matter how many years go by, we tend to make things futuristic and then we fall back in time. That is one trend that is happening now. Classic and retro appliances – especially refrigerators – are making a comeback. Of course, the “new” retro models have more modern bells and whistles than their ancestors, but they still have the same old-fashioned look, almost guaranteeing that sense of nostalgia.

The best part of these retro appliances is that they come in colors that were popular at that time and still are fashionable now, such as soft pink and pale blue.

10. Industrial Style

This new style of appliances – and kitchens, for that matter – is becoming increasingly popular. And while anyone can go for this look, it is best used by those who do a lot of cooking. Dainty appliances or those used for small families may not be able to handle the stress of heavy kitchen use. You need something sturdy and durable if you have a large family and/or if you do a substantial amount of cooking.

In years gone by, sturdy and durable meant boring and blah. Today, it’s a different story. Transforming your kitchen space into an industrial style design means you can incorporate some of these commercial-grade cooking appliances. And, combined, it looks great. In other words, you get appliances that stand the test of time for all your cooking and baking – and you get a beautiful kitchen space.


Your kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a home. You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses but keeping the space fresh can change the entire feel of it. The popular kitchen appliance trends that are showing up in a kitchen near you are taking this space to a whole new level. From colors to appliance integration, from minimalistic to industrial styles, there is something trending for everyone to love.