Range Top vs. Cooktop: Which One is Right for You?

Range top vs. Cooktop

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, or you are designing a brand new one, you will need to consider the appliances you need. Along with the necessities such as a refrigerator, you are either going to need a range or a cooktop to cook on.

Will you choose a range top or cooktop?

Because appliances can be an investment, it is important that you know what you want before you make your purchase. To help you out, we’ve decided to break it down for you.

Discover the differences in this range top vs cooktop comparison and make your purchase with confidence.

Range Top vs. Cooktop

In this comparison between the range top vs cooktop, you will discover the similarities and differences between these two kitchen applications.

Both range tops and cooktops are designed to save space, as neither feature an oven. These are great options for homeowners who have built-in ovens somewhere in their kitchen. If you’re interested in installing a cooking appliance in an island, the range top or cooktop may be the best option.

So, what’s the difference? 

The biggest differences between a range top and cooktop relates to the control features and installation method.

A range top often features similar dimensions as a full range, without the oven below. This allows you to install the range top above drawers or cabinets in your kitchen. A cooktop is similar in the way you can install it above drawers or cabinets, but it features controls on the top of the appliances. Because of this feature, cooktops are often installed into a portion of your counter that’s been removed, providing countertop on all four sides of the appliances. 

The Pros of a Range Top

Range tops offer some perks you may be interested in.

  • Range tops are built into your countertop in a space that is cut to fit it.
  • Range tops are sturdy and can handle heavy use.
  • Range tops can either be powered by electric or gas.
  • Range tops have knobs and controls on the front, which come in handy when trying to manage your cooking with multiple items on the burners.
  • Range tops generally have more cooking space than other choices.
  • Range tops typically come with more professional features than others of its kind on the market.

The Cons of a Range Top

As with anything good, there will also be a few drawbacks. Although, the cons of the range top are merely based on personal choice. As for an appliance, you will find that range tops are wonderful, but there are a few things to consider.

  • The front knobs and controls of the range top may pose a safety concern in a home with small children.
  • Depending on the size of your kitchen, range tops may seem too large and bulky.
  • Because range tops often reach back to your wall, they require a backsplash as a protectant.
  • Range tops are installed in your countertops, requiring you to but the space between the countertop to fit the range.

The Pros of a Cooktop

Cooktops have a few pros themselves that make them a popular choice among many people.

  • Cooktops can come in electric, gas, or induction cooking methods.
  • Cooktops are generally smaller than their range top counterparts. This means that they take up less space in your kitchen.
  • The knobs and controls of cooktops are found on top of the unit. This allows an increased level of safety since they are more difficult for young kids to reach.
  • Cooktops are installed in your countertop. Space is cut and the unit is dropped in. The entire unit is on top of the counter.
  • Cooktops are often easier to clean.

The Cons of a Cooktop

And, of course, there are a few drawbacks to choosing a cooktop.

  • If you do heavy cooking, your cooktop may not give you as much room or space to move around.
  • The controls on your cooktop may be more difficult to reach if you have pots and pans cooking.
  • Cooktops are smaller than range tops and may hinder you if you are cooking a large feast.
  • Cooktops often come with less professional features than range tops do.

What to Consider When Making the Purchase

So what did we learn? In a nutshell, range tops are going to require more space but they are perfect for those who do a lot of cooking and want the normal grates and feeling of a stove top. On the other hand, if space, efficiency, and simple is what you are after, then a cooktop may be your ideal appliance.

When determining which one is right for your kitchen before you waste your money, consider the following:

  • The size of your kitchen is going to have a great impact on which one you choose. You will need to determine the space available and how much of it you are willing to give up.
  • Determine the amount of cooking you typically do. For example, if you have a large family or you typically have many dinner parties, you are going to need something hefty, sturdy, and large to withstand your level of use.
  • Are you looking for electric, gas, or induction?
  • Will you use the many professional features that come with a range top? Or do you prefer something more simple for your needs?

Getting a new appliance for your kitchen is always exciting. However, it is important to remember that appliances are not the type of item you buy on a whim. They require installation and space, in addition to the purchase itself.

Take the time to review the pros and cons of this range top vs cooktops comparison and make an educated determination on which would be the best choice for your kitchen.