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6 Smart Kitchen Appliances for Modern Homeowners

smart crockpot

Technology is booming in our world today. Just as one new product is released, it seems as though someone else has created a product that can do just a tad bit more. This is true for so many things, such as home automation devices, virtual assistants, and even tools to increase efficiency in just about everything. If you think about it, our homes are getting smarter than we are!

When it comes to your kitchen, there is no deficiency in the number of technological upgrades that have been developed. If you are looking to keep your home up-to-date and modern, then you are going to make sure your kitchen has all the best and latest on the market.

Here are 6 smart kitchen appliances for modern homeowners.

1. The Smart Crockpot that Connects

A crock pot is a small cooking appliance used to simmer food at a low temperature over several hours, allowing you to go about your day.

Today, the modern crock pot offers wireless connectivity and app integration. These features allow you to check in on your meal, change the temperature settings, and even turn off the crockpot when your meal is ready.

2. Smart Speakers

As you may have noticed recently, the tech giants are racing to dominate the smart speaker market.

Equipped with a microphone and a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence, a smart speaker allows you to play music, make phone calls, and search the web with nothing but your voice.

This is particularly helpful in the kitchen when your hands are full. Instead of dropping what you’re doing, washing your hands, and picking up your mobile device, you can simply talk to the smart speaker.

3. A Smart Garbage Can

The garbage can plays a pretty basic role in the kitchen, but some people are convinced it can do more.

In an effort to help you remember what you need from the store, a smart garbage can utilizes a scanner to take note of what you throw away. Simply scan the item before tossing and the garbage can will add the item to your shopping list in a dedicated app.

4. Smart Water Filters

If you’re mindful about your drinking water, you probably use a water filter of some type. But there’s one common problem associated with water filters, whether you’re using a pitcher or a filter that attaches to your sink faucet – it’s easy to forget to change the filter regularly.

Smart water filters solve this problem by notifying you when the filter needs changing, so you can rest assured you’re always drinking clean water.

5. A Sous-Vide Machine

Sous-vide may sound exclusive to fancy restaurants, but more and more people are doing it at home to achieve perfectly-cooked proteins. The process involves sealing food in a vacuum sealed bag and then cooking that food in a temperature-controlled water.

A smart sous-vide machine streamlines this process and even integrates with a mobile device and offers virtual assistance to guide you through the process.

6. Smart Scales

There are a variety of smart scales available today, which strive to make the process of measuring ingredients more accurate.

These types of scales elevate the measuring process to an entirely new level, as many of these connect to an app capable of precise measurements and on-the-fly adjustment to accommodate your desired quantity. This makes it remarkably easy to double up on your ingredients (accurately) when working with a recipe that doesn’t provide exact instruction for larger quantities.

As one of the most essential tools for baking, a smart scale will benefit bakers of all skill levels.


There is a wide range of smart kitchen appliances available today, each of which offers a unique function designed to modernize your kitchen.

So, what will it be?