May 14, 2019 | Range Hoods

A Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood as a Focal Point

Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood
HRH4805U 48″ Under Cabinet Range Hood by Thor Kitchen

If you feel there’s something missing in your kitchen and want to bring it all together, consider adding a kitchen hood above your range. Pro-style range hoods provide both a functional and aesthetic benefit often overlooked.

Here’s how a stainless steel kitchen hood ties the room together.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood as a Focal Point

Range hoods are sort of like that decorative appliance that, although it serves a great purpose, it also offers a real finishing touch to the design style. It’s the cherry on top, so-to-speak. Surprisingly, however, not all kitchen hoods are created equal. While some stand out so badly that they cause a screeching halt, others are just what the space needed.

Let’s take a moment to look a bit closer at these appliances and how a stainless steel kitchen hood can tie a room together.

Make Sure the Colors Flow

Having too many colors in your kitchen can make the area look choppy and not put together at all. That is why choosing a particular color scheme is your best option when doing any sort of home decorating – including the kitchen. In fact, the best colors to decorate your kitchen with stainless steel are various shades of white or grey. Or, use vibrant colors that will make complement the shine of the steel perfectly.

Now, think about this for a moment  – how many times have you thought about putting, say, an outfit together and thought to yourself how gray goes with nearly everything? It is important that you understand that this theory does not apply to stainless steel.

Yes, stainless steel generally goes with any kitchen design and it is very versatile. But, mixing it with other metals may have a counter-effect.

Let the Kitchen Hood Be Your Focal Point

When you walk into your kitchen, what is the first thing you currently see? Maybe it is your refrigerator, maybe it is a window, or maybe it is your island. But, what if it was your range hood? A stainless steel range hood can give you the perfect tool to complete your décor – and it actually has a functional service, too.

The idea behind making your hood the focal point is to let it stand out. Your stainless steel hood will have a bold, strong presence. As you enter the kitchen, the first thing that should draw in your eyes is the range hood. Yes, you need it. But, put it to work for you. The shiny stainless steel is all you need!

Don’t Let the Kitchen Hood Weigh down the Design Style

Kitchen hoods come in various shapes and sizes.

While you can most definitely make your range hood the focal point of the room (as we discussed above), you don’t want it to weigh down the design style and overpower everything else in the kitchen.

In other words, if you have a small kitchen, choose a range hood that fits the space. The same rule applies to large, open kitchens. The range hood should add to the space not overtake it.

For example, the 30 under cabinet range hood may be better suited to a smaller kitchen while the 36 under cabinet range hood may be better for larger kitchens.

Creatively Disguise Your Hood

There are many ways for you to use your range hood and yet disguise it, too. That probably doesn’t make much sense – especially if you are trying to bring your kitchen together by using your range hood, right?

Here is what we mean. To some, a range hood is that huge centerpiece. And, while the stainless steel is shiny and beautiful, some people what more. There are ways to build around the range hood that, in a way, acts as a disguise and yet looks beautiful at the same time.

– You can make your range hood flow with your cabinetry by giving it a built-in look. It is like a customized cabinet meant to do nothing more than store and house, in a sense, your range hood.
– Create a box or wooden outer shell to go over your range hood. This would have to be completely customized as range hoods come in all shapes and sizes and are installed in various places. Once covered you can design the hood cover however you want.
–Give it a coat of paint that matches your kitchen or stands out.
– Add decorative art to the box or cover.
– Design it so that you can add unique light fixtures to the outside of the box. This design is especially useful and beautiful if done over a kitchen island. It truly becomes the focal point of the room.
– Tile it like a stylish backsplash

If your range hood is installed over your range and against the wall, then consider incorporating the hood into your backsplash. Tile it, decorate it, whatever you need to do – just make it match your wall so that it completely blends in.

Your range hood looks beautiful in its shiny, timeless stainless steel. It can brighten any room. But, if you are looking for more, there is always a way to incorporate the range hood into your kitchen completely by building it in.

Choose the Range Hood Style for Your Kitchen

There are different styles of range hoods for your kitchen. It’s important to choose the one that is a proper fit for yours – or else it may be standing out for all of the wrong reasons.

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

under cabinet range hoods
Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Wall Mount Range Hoods

wall mount range hoods
Wall Mount Range Hoods

It is important that you choose the hood that fits your space in size and in design. Having an oversized hood in a small kitchen does not being any feelings of joy. And, having a range hood that is much too small may not only look bad but not serve its purpose of cleaning your air. Choose your style wisely so that it flows with the design and layout of your kitchen.


Range hoods are wonderful additions to any kitchen – mostly because they give your kitchen a freshness. But, they also can add greatly to the design and overall appearance of your kitchen. While you can get creative and disguise them, the look of a stainless steel range hood as the focal point in your kitchen will never lose style. In fact, they are a bright, beautiful addition that will shine for years to come.