October 1, 2018 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES

7 Top Kitchen Appliances Every Homeowner Needs

Top Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen may serve as your social stomping grounds, your kids’ homework hotspot, the family game night destination, or the perfect place to pile up all mail that you receive. But, believe it or not, your kitchen serves a purpose – a real purpose – and that is providing you with a place to cook delicious feasts for your friends and family.

In order to use your kitchen successfully, you will need to create a space that has the necessary tools. Of course, this will include things such as cutlery and flatware, as well as dishes and food. But, it also includes having the right appliances to meet your needs.

We’ve got the top 7 kitchen appliances that every kitchen should have. How does your kitchen stack up? Do you have everything you need to make the best use of your kitchen?

1. Refrigerator and Freezer

This should be a given when it comes to a kitchen. Every kitchen should have a refrigerator and freezer. After all, where else would you store your food? To keep your food fresh and safe to consume, you need to store it at proper temperatures.

There are several options when it comes to a refrigerator and freezer combo. For example, you have the choice of a side by side, which offers two side-by-side doors, one enclosing a refrigerator, the other a freezer. Another option is the top freezer with a refrigerator on the bottom. This is, perhaps, the most commonly purchased type. Lastly, a bottom freezer is slowly taking over the market. Similar to the previous refrigerator/freezer, this model has a freezer drawer on the bottom – which means no more hunching over to access the refrigerator.

2. Microwave

Whether you agree with cooking using a microwave or not, you have to admit they do come in handy. You can make just about anything these days using a microwave, but they work best when just needing to heat up something simple.

When it comes to kids cooking, the microwave is a great place to start. As long as they don’t fill it with aluminum foil, there is no danger of fire or burning the house down.

Microwaves come in a few varieties. There are countertop microwaves that sit on your counter, unattached and moveable. The only downfall is the amount of counter space you will lose. A second option is an under-the-cabinet microwave. It is usually positioned in place above the stove and makes it appear as one appliance. Lastly, there is a drawer microwave. This one is down low and provides easy access for kids. Another great perk of this option is that it can be inserted in an out-of-way area, such as on the end of a kitchen island.

3. Range Hood

You need a range hood. You may think that it is an unnecessary expense, but you will be thankful you spent the money. Range hoods offer you clean air by removing odors, carbon monoxide, steam and moisture, and other impurities out of your kitchen.

You may choose a range hood that is vented or unvented. Additionally, you will want one that matches the other appliances in your kitchen. Many homeowners have chosen a range hood to be a central focal point of their kitchen.

4. Gas Range

Whether you’re cooking a quick meal or hosting a dinner for guests, a dependable gas range will provide the power and convenience you need.

A professional-style gas range will offer a variety of features, including the double-oven option and a beautiful stainless steel or black stainless steel finish. These features will give you options in the kitchen, which is handy if you’re a fan of baking or cooking multiple plates at the same time.

5. Range Top

Similarly, a dependable six-burner range top will be very useful as well. Whether you have a large family, cook gourmet meals, or just like to host social gatherings, having extra burners to work with on your stove can make things a bit easier.

Again, you will likely find an increase in price for the extra burners, but eating foods that are all heated at the same time – so the meal is hot in its entirety – can be a blessing you receive from this stove.

6. Wine Cooler

Some people want a wine cellar, others just want a wine cooler. And, why wouldn’t you? You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to know that having a designated place to store your wine at optimal temperature makes it taste better.

Wine coolers come in a variety of sizes, holding anywhere from a couple of bottles of wine to hundreds of bottles. Not to mention that these coolers generally come with glass fronts, providing a nice display case for your wine purchases.

Don’t waste any more time drinking wine from the refrigerator. Your kitchen needs a wine cooler – and it needs it now.

7. Ice machine

When was the last time you had a social get-together at your house and had to make an ice run? It is so common for ice to be one of the first things to go. One, it melts. And, two, people drink – and they like their drinks cold. Typical ice machines found in a refrigerator/freezer combo cannot provide the amount of ice needed to handle crowds. Storing 10lb bags of ice in your freezer isn’t always an option, either, thanks to space.

Imagine having your own ice machine that stores 50lbs or more of ice for your frosty pleasure. Sound wonderful? Ditch the ice runs and stock your kitchen with your very own ice machine.

Having a kitchen that is equipped with everything you need makes life a bit easier. If you love to cook or just want to get the most from your kitchen experience, then you will not want to dismiss any of these appliances.